Red Dead Redemption Review

The story of Red Dead Redemption takes place along the border between Mexico and the United States, in 1911. Central to the plot is John Marston, who was previously an outlaw before being taken in by the Bureau of Investigation and separated from his family. If he is to be pardoned for his crimes, he must track down and capture his former gang members, a task that is easier said than done.

What make this game stand out

First and foremost, Rockstar have taken what is a successful formula in Grand Theft Auto and transferred it to a Western setting. However, what was good about this model has been kept, and the bad points – checkpoints and cut scenes – have either been improved or discarded.

The next point to make about this game is how immersive it is, from the vast visuals that make the game look so expansive – a common feature of Western films – to the small details that let the player interact with the environment.

And finally, much like GTA you can combine a linear storyline with supplementary side-missions, which extends the gameplay beyond the 20 hours it will generally take to complete the story.

Multiplayer drawbacks and glitches

Firstly, there are small ironing-out problems with bugs in the game, such as where the player will jump in the air when crouching next to a carriage. Also, regarding the multiplayer side of the game, it doesn’t quite reach the heights of the main story, as the player will usually need to take the reins in providing themselves with the entertainment.