Native American casinos

Some of the most successful and popular casinos in the United States are run by Native Americans on tribal land. These enterprises provide employment and prosperity for Native Americans and relaxation and entertainment for their guests.Why Native Americans?Many of the tribal lands, formerly known as reservations, have a high degree of independence and are not in many cases bound by state laws. In states where gambling is severely restricted, Native American tribal areas are often the only places where casinos can legally operate. As a result, Native American areas where poverty and unemployment were once the norm have been transformed into wealthy, vibrant localities.A Growing Success StoryNative Americans have been running casinos since the 1950s, but the industry really began to expand following the Indian Gaming Act, 1988. This act clarified the legal position and led to a swift expansion of casinos and other gambling enterprises on Native American lands. There are now more than 400 Native American gambling enterprises in the United States with a combined annual turnover approaching thirty billion dollars. But the success story is not just about gambling; many of the casino resorts are linked to hotel, restaurant and entertainment facilities making them into fully-fledged tourist destinations.The FutureThe rate of growth in Native American gambling enterprises has slowed down somewhat in the last few years as a result of the recession. In addition the gambling wealth is not evenly spread across all tribes and in all parts of the country. However, it is clear the success story of Native American casinos is likely to continue for quite some time yet.

How the old west searched for gold

Gold was discovered in the Old West in Colorado in 1859 and about 100,000 gold miners travelled there to search for gold and earn their fortune. However, the work was very hard and the days very long and exhausting. When the miners thought traces of gold were present, digging started. New miners watched the older, more experienced prospectors use their picks, shovels and pans to extract small quantities.They would bend down, collect a bowlful of gravel and swirl it so that lighter substances floated away. This repetitive process would leave tiny pieces of heavier gold glinting away in the bottom. With bigger pans, the work was faster – so pans were replaced by larger sluice boxes and devices called rockers.Later, miners followed the streams up water towards the source of gold in the Rocky Mountains, where they carved veins of gold ore out from the stone. This was difficult and boring work, so dynamite was used along with cage-like structures to lift the pieces containing gold ore to the surface. Here the ore was crushed to separate the precious gold. Subsequently, a chemistry professor called Nathan Hill invented smelting, using heat to remove the gold from the ore. When railways arrived, tracks were laid between the mines and towns to transport the gold ore and it soon became a billion dollar industry.

Western games of 2014

If you dream about exploring the unconquered frontiers of the American Old West, riding your horse across the prairies, or facing gunslingers across a polished saloon bar, and spinning pistols at high noon, then online Western games may be just for you.With the danger and adventure of the Old West at your very fingertips, put on your Lone Ranger cowboy hat, and get ready to lose yourself in this compelling landscape.There are so many games to choose from, that it can be difficult to know where to begin. Not to worry, because we’ve compiled a list of 2014 greats to get you started!The games:

  1. Rise of the Cowboy:In this one, it’s up to you to chase the bandits out of town. But watch out for the raining bullets! Meet them at high noon, because the town isn’t big enough for the both of you. How quickly can you draw your pistols?
  2. Governor of Poker: Texas TycoonThe intense game of Texas Hold’em is a must-have in every cowboy story. If you feel like testing your poker skills against the frontier’s best and deadliest, this is your chance.
  3. Cheyenne Rodeo WesternTry your hand at some real frontier rodeo, and see how long you can stay on the bull! Will you be the champion?

What are you waiting for? The frontier awaits!