Tips and Tricks When Starting an Online Poker Site

The online poker industry is worth billions of pounds and it is continuing to expand. While the major players have existed for a decade or longer, a number of smaller start-up firms are looking to enjoy this lucrative community. Of course, a number of steps need to be taken in order to start in the right direction. Let us look at three variables to take into account.

Web Design and Layout

Any modern poker website should be very easy to navigate. New visitors and existing customers need to be able to find what they are looking for in a matter of seconds. So, segments such as main menus and live chat widgets are important to take into account. Furthermore, let us never forget that a growing number of players are accessing online poker sites via a smartphone. Mobile-responsive themes should therefore be included.

Obtaining the Proper Licence

One of the most challenging aspects associated with online gambling is the ability to obtain a proper licence. The course of action will naturally vary in accordance with the physical location of the developer. Whether referring to domestic firms registered within the United Kingdom or entities located abroad in territories such as Malta or Gibraltar, it is always prudent to seek the advice of the experts at

Adhering to Data Protection and Privacy Laws

Data privacy rules and regulations have changed in recent times. The GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation) needs to be clearly understood so that the personal details of all clients remain behind closed doors. Any poker-related website which fails to provide such services is risking civil and even criminal penalties. This is another reason why it is a good idea to speak with professionals in advance.Creating an online poker portal can certainly represent a lucrative venture. Appreciating the important steps to take in advance will save time, money and a significant amount of aggravation.

Top Tips – Learn to Play Poker

The game of poker is played all over the world and it is one of the most popular online casino games. Whether you are a newcomer to the game, or an experienced player, here we give you some quick tips to improve your game.

Learn the Hands

One of the first things to learn is the hands that are likely to come up in Poker. These card combinations will mean winning or losing a hand. The hands start with a simple High Card – having the highest card if your opponents don’t have a winning hand. The best hand is a Royal Flush – having all the top cards in the same suit. Many online casino websites will list the winning hands in order, so familiarize yourself with these before you start playing.

Play Free Hands

There are lots of poker games on offer, and many of them allow free play. Online poker tutorials and free play games are excellent ways to get used to the game. These games will help you get accustomed to the way the cards are dealt, and how to play against others. More games can be enjoyed for longer by experiencing different free games and tutorials.

Try Different Games

As any poker player will tell you, change is a good thing. Try out new tables and new poker games to ensure you keep you card skills sharp. You can join a tournament or choose a single game. Trying out different poker games and different poker sites will give you lots of experience and this will build your poker skills. These top tips will help you advance your skills in the game of poker. When you have had plenty of practice, and feel ready, you can join big money poker games. The exciting game of poker allows you to test your skills against the best and get the chance to win big cash prizes.

A History of Poker

Poker as we know it today has been around for a long time. Believed to have been developed in the 19th century in the United States, it has slowly grown in popularity until now, where it is played around the world. The original game may have varied slightly in that there were fewer cards in a pack and fewer cards dealt per player. There is much contention over the origins of poker, however, with some historians proclaiming it to be a direct derivative of the Persian As-Nas, while others suggest that it comes from the Irish game of Poca, or potentially the French poque. However, modern historians suggest that, in fact, all of this is false, as theories focus on the style of card-play rather than on the way that players bet on the game, which is the specific attribute of poker. With this in mind, it looks more likely that Poker developed in 1800s Mississippi, where a 52-card game was created. By the 1970s, poker was becoming very popular in casinos. This popularity was significantly boosted by the arrival of poker tournaments. Broadcast on television, this made them more accessible and made poker players into stars. Soon, many people wanted to join in this potentially lucrative game, and now, each year, tournaments are swelling in number. The introduction of online poker at the start of the 21st century only served to push the popularity of poker even higher. Now completely accessible from anywhere, at any time, players could join in tournaments, watch games, view tutorials and more, all from the comfort of their own home. The poker industry is constantly growing, and whilst there is now a huge online player base, the live tournaments are also seeing a continual rise in contestants each year. Added to this, new tournaments both live and online, are added almost every year as well. Poker is here to stay.

Be Better Informed

It is incredibly important for a poker player continuously and actively to refresh their knowledge about the game and give themselves the upper hand on the freshest and most effective plays out there. When a player has an increased knowledge of the game, they become a better player – simply because they have a newly gained confidence from the knowledge that they have recently acquired. The continuous study of poker is important, because it is a highly dense and widespread game with a number of variations and rules that may not be familiar to you. This is incredibly important if you would like to improve your play, or if you will be participating in any number of tournaments. The lack of an extended knowledge of the game could be the one reason you suffer in the play, thus resulting in hefty losses. There are many tips and tricks. that the experts have learned over long years of play, all you need to do is a little research to find some these words of wisdom. Going back to “poker school” will provide you with extended knowledge on various aspects of poker, which will result in fewer disappointments and surprises. You become a more relaxed and focused player because you are continuously on the hunt to know more, and when you know better, you will definitely do better. If you are an avid poker player, and think that you do not need to learn more, then you are wrong and you are doing yourself the greatest injustice. When it comes to the game of poker, it is important to remember that you are never too good to learn more, because you can always get better. And by expanding your knowledge of the game, you are also expanding your skill set, making you a better player and thus resulting in greater financial rewards. So, start today and start now by getting stuck in to all that knowledge at your fingertips.

Explore Games within Games

A fun twist that can be found in certain games nowadays is the possibility to play a completely different game as a bonus round – as a challenge or just for entertainment. These games are called mini-games, and below you will find a list of a few fun alternatives.

Red Dead Redemption

This Western game is full of fun tasks and surprises and one of them involves being able to play classic card games in the story line. One of the games that the characters can play is Texas Hold’em and the funny thing is that they are even allowed to cheat just like players are able to do in a real round of poker. In other words, the characters can take part in proper gambling, and the rules of Texas Hold’em remain the same. It is also possible to play Blackjack, Liar’s Dice and Horseshoes.

Dragon Quest VIII

This is a video game about a cursed king who has to try to save the world. It is a role-playing game that involves battles and where you will try to upgrade your skills and take part in many different activities. Here players can enter a massive world that allows them to enjoy other fun games such as Bingo, Roulette and even slot machines.

Stardew Valley

This is a role-playing farming game where players need to survive by using what the farm provides and trying to make the valley a great place to be. It’s all about growing crops, fishing, mining, fighting off monsters and exploring the surroundings. It is also possible to visit Stardew’s Saloon where two arcade games are waiting. This is just like the real deal and definitely lets you experience a game within a game.

Blackjack for Beginners

Blackjack (also known as 21) is an age-old game and is one of the most well-known games in casinos across the world. Despite its popularity it is not the easiest game to master, and many of the chances of winning are based on probability.

How to Play

Each player is dealt 2 cards face up and the dealer deals one card for himself. Each card has a value: the numbers 2 through to 10 keep their same value; the King, Queen and Jack all have a value of 10; and an Ace can be worth 1 or 11. The objective of the game is to reach 21 by adding up all the numbers on the cards. If this happens with the first two cards, then it is a rare run of luck. If not, there is a chance to get more cards to reach this number by asking the dealer to deal another card. For instance, if one were to have the 2 of hearts and 3 of diamonds, to ‘twist’ would definitely be an option to see if the next card in the pack would enable the number 21 to be reached. To ‘twist’ asks the dealer to deal another card and the idea is to keep going until the sum of the cards being dealt add up to 21 or the closest to 21. For example, if 20 is reached, then to ‘stick’ (stay with the cards that have been dealt) would be advisable, because, if the sum of 21 is exceeded, then the player loses and the dealer wins. Click here for more information. In Blackjack the players compete against the dealer and never against each other. The game is played with 52 cards and there are three ways to beat the dealer, which are: achieve 21 points with the first two cards; achieve the closest score to 21 without going over it; or make the dealer keep dealing the cards until the cards of the dealer add up to over 21.

A Comparison of the Land Based and Online Casinos

Casinos have been a favourite destination for gamblers for centuries now. Over time, many have found this to be the best place to relax and interact with fellow gamblers. With the internet explosion that took place in the early 20th century, casinos have not been left out but found a niche of their own in the online world. Let us have a quick look at the two types of casino, starting with the oldest.

Land based casinos

This is the oldest form of gambling house, basically having a presence in a building anywhere in the world. These are physical places situated in specific locations. People would usually need to find some free time and then travel or move to this location in order to enjoy this gambling pastime. Traditionally, these casinos used to be associated with the rich and elite in society. They used to be so expensive that many people could not afford to be involved in casino activities. They also came with hefty packages for registration and membership registration.

Online casinos

This is the latest entrant into the casino world. Technology has really improved over the past years bringing casinos closer to the masses. It has opened the avenue for hundreds of games to be available at casinos online for all players. Today almost everyone all over the world has at least a PC, if not a tablet or a phone. As long as you have a good internet connection, you can log into any casino you want.Due to the ease of joining, the registration and membership fees have considerably reduced so that anyone can now play in an online casino if they are legally allowed to. There are also some free games used by the online casinos to lure more gamblers to join them. What makes it even better is the fact that anyone can play their favourite game, anytime and anywhere.

How casinos evolved to the net

From makeshift beginnings to home entertainment; the parabola of gambling has hit both luxurious heights and base disrepute. Its history is full of contrasts: it is frequented by the VIP jet set, it was exiled to the waterways or the desert, it has been associated with both nobility and mafia, it is frowned upon, yet it generates fun and excitement.Wild West CasinoPicture a pioneer village, a street of mud, a shabby saloon, grubby gold miners. Mr. Entertainment awaits, sitting at a table – dealing stud. From this scenario the fancy gambling saloon evolved.Most American casinos are still in the west, in Nevada, where glittering Las Vegas draws a constant flow of players. Gambling was legalised here in 1931, remaining illegal in the rest of America. Over the years, various ploys have been used to get around this, like the recently re-introduced gambling on Mississippi riverboats.Computer gamesFrom card games to computer games was a logical development. The earliest computers were suitable for playing games, even basic games in DOS! Then, with ever-improving graphics, computer games like Pacman, Tris or Solitaire arrived. The leap into more sophisticated online games was inevitable. Nowadays, casinos abound online. American-style casino games like black jack, poker and slot machines lend themselves well to online game-playing and are part of a massive array of online games and video-slots.Online GamingPlaying casino games online is fun and profitable; websites like get people involved and winning right from the start. Playing online was not always simple. Twenty years ago players had to first install a programme from a CD-ROM and wait patiently as the dial-up connected. The selection of games was minimal, there was no audio, graphics were basic and the whole business was slow. Flash technology brought vast improvements in all these areas and the sector has been evolving ever since.

Western games of 2014

If you dream about exploring the unconquered frontiers of the American Old West, riding your horse across the prairies, or facing gunslingers across a polished saloon bar, and spinning pistols at high noon, then online Western games may be just for you.With the danger and adventure of the Old West at your very fingertips, put on your Lone Ranger cowboy hat, and get ready to lose yourself in this compelling landscape.There are so many games to choose from, that it can be difficult to know where to begin. Not to worry, because we’ve compiled a list of 2014 greats to get you started!The games:

  1. Rise of the Cowboy:In this one, it’s up to you to chase the bandits out of town. But watch out for the raining bullets! Meet them at high noon, because the town isn’t big enough for the both of you. How quickly can you draw your pistols?
  2. Governor of Poker: Texas TycoonThe intense game of Texas Hold’em is a must-have in every cowboy story. If you feel like testing your poker skills against the frontier’s best and deadliest, this is your chance.
  3. Cheyenne Rodeo WesternTry your hand at some real frontier rodeo, and see how long you can stay on the bull! Will you be the champion?

What are you waiting for? The frontier awaits!